• Meet Our Team

    We are fully bilingual at Dental Betel and always ready to help. Click on our photos for an extended biography! Yasmin Carvajal D.D.SDDSGraduated at the top of her class in the Faculty of Dentistry at the Autonomous University of Baja California.Diana Torres D.D.SDDSStudied to be a dentist and graduated in 2011 from The Autonomous University [...]
  • Standards

    We hold ourselves to higher standards at Dental Betel. We believe.... That when we make a plan of treatment, each patient has to be treated as a special individual that has their own special needs, identity, family geneology, lifestyle, habits, concerns, appearance, beauty, purpose, expectations and value, and for all that, it’s worth it to [...]
  • Purpose

    Purpose To be an instrument of blessing for our patients and to improve their quality of life by promoting good oral health through the practice of high quality dental care and the establishment of a trusting, communicative, long-term relationship. Mission To improve the quality of life of each patient by working together to achieve our [...]
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